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Small-town alchemy of anonymity and forgettability laid the groundwork for a Ponzi scheme estimated to have stolen $40 million.


US National security ADVISOR

President Donald Trump's new national security adviser Robert O'Brien attended 'routinely racist' university in South Africa.


terrorism. Mumbai, india

On foreign assignment in Mumbai, India, filing on-the-ground coverage for what was, at the time, considered the worst attack since 9/11. 


The “devil of mendoza”

Ex-Israeli army officer Gilad Pereg is accused of killing his mother and aunt in an alleged murder plot in Argentina’s wine region.

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Shortlist

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Shortlist

AUSTRALIA race riots

A series of exclusive stories following the journey of redemption for a teenager who burned the national flag during violent race riots.

the new york of south america?

Come here expecting the so-called “Paris of South America,” and visitors might instead stumble across the “Manzana Grande of the Lower Hemisphere.” 

Global financial crisis

Rise and fall of the property market and home-owning dream as a mortgage bubble burst to the worst recession since The Great Depression. 

A Pilgrim's path to shangri-la

This valley path appears on no maps but for centuries has been walked by Buddhist pilgrims in search of a blessing by Mt Kawakarpo.

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Highly Commended

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Highly Commended

life & death on the quarter mile

Campaign to strengthen provisional driver laws and drag racing penalties, resulting in legislative changes and a decrease in the road death toll.

not without peril

Investigative feature on the death of a scientist at the South Pole, with interviews from Antarctica on previously unreported allegations of poisoning.

rolex sydney/hobart yacht race

The Daily Telegraph’s first content creator team to sail the world's deadliest ocean yacht race for coverage in print, digital, podcasts and video.


Military board of inquiry to determine whether the first death of an Australian soldier during the Iraq War was a suicide, accident or murder.

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Highly Commended

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Highly Commended

ghettos in the sky

Investigation of illegal housing in one of the world's most expensive cities, and how the black market is changing crowded neighbourhoods.

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Shortlist

Award for Excellence in Journalism - Shortlist


Investigation into illegal practice of under-quoting auction prices to artificially inflate property market, resulting in charges against 11 real estate agencies.

Award for Excellence in Journalist - Shortlist

Award for Excellence in Journalist - Shortlist


Coverage of the aviation industry, including airport security, customs and staffing, air traffic control, aircraft safety,  and history and innovation.

01 Mighty Murray Spread - July 12, 2008.jpg

the once & future MURRAY

They are the river people of the mighty Murray. From disparate backgrounds, they are united in the hope Australia's longest river can be restored to its former glory.

A fox, his dish and the moon

Slowly, "Fox" Mason runs his hand along the wire mesh and gentle curve of The Dish. His Dish. The radio telescope that broadcast the 1969 moon landing to the world.

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terrorism. Bali, indonesia

A series of terrorist attacks targeting westerners in Indonesia over a number of years left a continually escalating bodycount and a trail of wounded survivors.

urban affairs and development

Urban affairs reporter covering development and infrastructure of the City of Sydney metropolitan area and 152 local government councils across New South Wales, Australia. 

True Crime

A death faked in Newcastle. A sport star behaves badly in London. Police shoot a 15-year-old boy in Sydney. A drug mule awaits firing squad in a Bangkok cell block. 

global warning

Editorial on visionary scientist who lead the way on climate change in the 1900s, including one of the last interviews with his granddaughter.

The road to ellerstina

Billionaire James Packer has been holed up among this exclusive Argentine polo community after a string of professional and personal setbacks.

satire and mischief

A collection of miscellaneous ridiculousness from the wandering musings and feigned outrage of a tabloid hack on otherwise slow news days.